This first edition of the Ludovic Chemarin © signals the return to the art scene of works by Ludovic Chemarin, who stopped making art in 2005. In 2011, Damien Beguet microclimat (born in 1970, lives in Lyon) contracted to buy Ludovic Chemarin’s signature, archives and work, and he registered the trademark Ludovic Chemarin ©. P. Nicolas Ledoux (born in 1966, lives in Paris) contracted with Damien Buguet microclimat to obtain the exclusive license to exploit the work of Ludovic Chemarin. Together, they aim to re-contextualise the artistic material. The different parties (Ludovic Chemarin, Damien Beguet microclimat, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Perrine Lacroix) made the project official by signing the contract on January 22, 2011 in the law offices of expert Ghislain Mollet-Viéville and in the presence of Caroline Cros and Perrine Lacroix.

At La BF15, the exhibition reunites the works done by the artist (borrowed from public and private collections), now reformulated and signed Ludovic Chemarin ©. Some new works are also on display, as well as a limited edition of derived products and the documents of the different legal acts. The exhibition, an artistic act in itself, is perceived as a mini-retrospective of Ludovic Chemarin, thanks to subtle and equivocal communication, enriched by a presentation of new works by Ludovic Chemarin ©. It marks an intimate and profound disappearance in favour of a radical artistic gesture, with a critical regard of written and media coverage of histories of the art, of the artist’s status, of his power next to his work, the artistic success or failure. The pieces in the exhibition slide from one status to another, from a formal reading to a conceptual approach, from the field of art to that of the economy and the legal system, and vice versa.

This project will develop its fictional extensions as well as its challenges, for several years, and based on the places that will host it.

in partnership with the city of Lyon, the city of Francheville, the Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Villeurbanne/RhôneAlpes and desadhesifscom

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