performance of Chewbacca (Andrew “Duracel” Dymond et Damien Grange)
part of 2010 Nuits sonores

Confused realities leads us to different space and time realities through (visual, sculptural, sound) works that trick our immediate perceptions.
Fouad Bouchoucha (born in 1981, lives in Marseille) presents three new productions.
"The first, 1000 Kilo, composed of two stacked blocks similar to subwoofers, is an imposing silent sculpture that reuses the vocabulary of technical forms drawn for the sound.
The second, Tautologie is a vinyl-format disc made of glass that is "engraved with its own resonance frequency of closed grooves. It contains the idea of pure and continuous self-frequency, itself illegible, except at the risk of a vibration that would prevent listening.”
In the drawing Schenker/Chomsky, the artist points the contrasts between music and language. "Influenced by the writings of A. Sloboda, he transposes the linguistic examples into two variations supporting the theory of “cognitive music” namely how the brain selects and transcribes the perception of a musical event." Leïla Quillacq
On May 13, 2010, the artist invites Chewbacca to carry out a project which, being repeated generates error and exhaustion, as in the very conditions of performed music.

The works of Fabrice Pichat (born in 1980, lives in Brussels) present their own system of forms and experiences. The artist assembles wooden rods end to end, along a wall. Their vibration produces a sounding spatialisation and a visual phenomenon that the artist calls "blur”. This phenomenon is superimposed on a sound signal oscillating at the limit of infrasounds. The artist also presents Sous influence, an aluminium table whose cylindrical legs are exponentially reduced to needles until they reach the ground.
Upstairs, the work Il y a runs in two visual moments: a kinetic illusion and a spotlight that interrupts the effects.

The Time Machine by Thomas Léon (born in 1981, lives in Paris) is inspired by the eponymous novel by H.G. Wells. From the novel, the video borrows the idea of a bipolar social organisation, represented in the image by the frame cut into two equal parts (horizontal split screen). Two sequence shots unfold separately. As the sun rises on the top, light enters the space below through skylights. The soundtrack that accompanies the video installation consists of continuous sheets of synthetic sounds that overlap each other and interpenetrate, echoing modelled spaces (corridors, stretches of space).

with the support of ENSBA Lyon
in partnership with Lambin & Vau

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