Aires explores different geographies: subjective, sculptural, poetic, linguistic. Works, images, installations and texts inhabit and interact in the space.

On the wall, Pascal Poulain (born in 1972, lives in Lyon) unrolls La carte over a length of 21 meters, displaying a territory with neither borders nor relief, from the Spanish coasts to Afghanistan, and from the French coasts to Turkey. Only the sound of various place names, the spelling of towns and villages have us passing from one country to the other. The ellipses follow a grid selected by the artist and the configuration of space (its surfaces, its fullness, its gaps, its circulations). In the gaps, between words, between walls, the viewer attempts the reconstruction of a global territory.

The sculptures of Mathilde Sordet (born in 1979, lives in Lyon) were specifically designed for this group exhibition questioning the notions of territory and displacement. D'un point à une ligne was designed for the space, taking into account the opening onto the street. The sculpture can be approached in the manner of an image from the outside and then moving inside, into its constituting materials. Made of junctions between different elements, the dynamics of the street and a photograph by Till Roeskens are integrated, D'un point à une ligne weaves puzzles.In Pan, finite spaces are brought together: an offcut of leather, a wooden slab or a piece of paper. Here, the materials become territories living on history which, once stacked up, question the idea of building and construction.
Lointain, whose title recalls the genre of landscape, is an inter-weaving of ground elements prone to sliding or stretching.

In Vidéocartographies: Aïda, Palestine, Till Roeskens (born in 1974, lives in Marseille) asks the inhabitants of the Aida camp, near Bethlehem, to draw mental maps of their surroundings. Through six chapters that make up six potentially independent short films, we discover, step by step, the refugee camp and its surrounding area; we follow the journeys of a few people and their attempts to deal with the state of siege under which they live. A tribute to what the artist calls "resistance by circumvention, at a time when the very possibility of this resistance seems to be disappearing". The line drawn by different actors in the video creates a sort of interlacing of history, emotion and memory.

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