launch and presentation of The Guide to contemporary art in the public spaces of Greater Lyon 1978/2008

Crossroads between art and urban, the Rond point exhibition highlights the meeting points between art and public space. Echoing the publication of the Guide to contemporary art in public spaces: Greater Lyon 1978/2008, Ivan Moudov (born in 1975, lives in Sofia, Bulgaria) and Shingo Yoshida (born in 1974, lives in Tokyo), surveyors and disrupteurs of the urban space, point to the social and cultural pheno-mena that emerge from their environment. In the first room, Shingo Yoshida has created Sonic Hedgehop, Yokohama/Minatomirai, Japan (15/01/2008 à 20h30) in which the pictures and sounds of an urban rhythm (taken in Yokohama) meet. Here, the Japanese artist materializes and freezes the movement of a sound wave in the tarred surface of a road. Meanwhile, Ivan Moudov plays with the principles of authority to better reveal absurdity through two videos. The first, Traffic Control, was filmed at an intersection of an Austrian city. The artist puts on a Bulgarian policeman’s uniform and creates his “own” traffic, until the police arrive. The second, 14:13 p.m. Minutes Priority takes place at a German roundabout. Seven cars use their right of way during a performance lasting 14’13”. They thus block traffic by crea-ting a traffic jam of several kilometres, until the police arrive. On February 9, Ivan Moudov will perform 3 Minutes Priority at the roundabout in the district of the Buers in Villeurbanne. As its name indicates, it will not last long. 

In partnership with the French Institute in Sofia (Bulgaria)

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