In résonance with the Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art 2007

The practice of Lionel Estève (born in 1967 in Lyon, lives in Paris) is situated at the crossroads of sculpture and drawing. His works, informal and fragile, awake our per-ception of a reality both palpable and unspeakable. For his exhibition at La BF15, Lionel Estève stretches his poetic universe by exploring new mediums and new practices. He asks mentally challenged people to make flip books that he reproduces here through a group of videos. The films unfolding before our eyes are those of their intuitions. These works underline the artist’s manifest interest in collecting creative energies and his means of doing this. Lionel Estève, craftsman and researcher, uses materials, lines, colours in the interval of the perceptible and the impercep-tible.

With support from the General Commission for International Relations of the French Community Wallonia Brussels
Together with Le Silex

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