Part of the 2007 Nuits Sonores

Playtime is envisaged as a surface for playing, a scene opened to the artist’s echoing propositions in form and sound. For Former le Cercle ! Patrice Carré (born in 1957, lives in Marseille) orchestrates loudspeakers on the ground, in the atmosphere of westerns films. Next to them are presented the works of the Impala Utopia collec-tive: Instruments blancs by Annabelle Czyz (born in 1981, lives in Brussels), evokes the image of a suspended concert, mixing decks plunged in a dumbness that only our imagination reanimates, and Anomal by Colin Ponthot (born in 1979, lives in Brussels), invades the space with an impressive inflatable and moving work. This exhibition invites us to reinterpret our world in a playful and metaphorical overture.

In partnership with the Bourgogne Regional Contemporary Art Collection

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