Oscillating between a conceptual and sensory approach, Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain (born in 1974 and 1973, live in Paris) are interested in linguistic proces-ses. In a playful and poetic way, they invite us to jostle our points of reference and to question ourselves on the systems organising our reading of the world. For the last exhibition of La BF15 on place des Terreaux, the work exhibited at La BF15 involves the spectator in a polyphony of meanings. 
The Pile laid in the store-front (read FLOW from the Place des Terreaux and WOLF from the inside), is perceived under various readings. Linked to the tradition of floral painting in Lyon, and like a disintegrating still life (the work Or, autrement projected upstairs), reality sheds its leaves in the flow and multitude of its translations. — “the works are the result of the spatial transposition of the conventions of alphabets. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to the successive stack (pilha) of objects. […] Every word becomes a visual object that recalls Augusto de Campos’ definition of concrete poetry: ‘tension of thing- words in space-time.’ In Or, Autrement we find Photoshop treated images. Similar to the principle of an hourglass, the two projected images are based on the subtraction and addition of colors. This visual anagram echoes the anagram of the title in French: ‘Or, Autrement / Nature morte’ and creates a temporal leap between a still life and its digital reproduction.” Audrey Illouz, “Angela Detanico, Rafael Lain”, French Connection, Black Jack Editions, 2008

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