a proposal of Georges Rey

During the summer of 2006 the Moly-Sabata Residence (the Albert Gleizes Foundation) welcomed four young artists from the Rhône-Alpes region: Romain Jacquet (born in 1977, lives in Paris), Camille Laurelli (born in 1981, lives in Grenoble), Hikaru Miyakawa (born in 1976, lives in Tokyo, Japan), Sophier Négrier (born in 1983, lives in Cotonou, Benin). Three of them studied at Grenoble’s Fine Arts Academy and one studied at Lyon’s National Academy of Fine Arts. George Rey, who teaches in both schools, chose them for the quality of their work and their commitment, but he did not try to push them all in the same direction. Suite prolongs this residence with an exhibition around the idea of revival, repetition, plagiarism, and duplication. A catalogue has been published for this occasion, with texts by Hauviette Bethemont and Bernard Marcadé.

With the support of the Albert Gleizes Foundation, the Ministry of Culture / DRAC RhôneAlpes and Regional Council of RhôneAlpes 
in partnership with CIneparts  

lien :

Fondation Albert Gleizes (www.fondationgleizes.fr)

Romain Jacquet (www.corcules.com)

Camille Laurelli (www.laurelli.blogspot.com)