Cécile Dupaquier

Cécile Dupaquier is one of the young artists whom the BF15 has followed since graduating from the École des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. She presents the public with transformed domestic objects that relate to the body and which the viewer is invited to manipulate. An intimate dialogue and proximity is established in handling these objects. The viewer’s participation is all the more powerful as the surrounding world is distanced, becomes impossible to grasp and unapproachable: a pair of plastic sandals move about for no apparent reason in an aquarium, outside sounds are heard in the water, the horizon line is caught in a pair of goggles, the text is effaced at the bottom of a glass when it is filled with water…

Marco Poloni “With Some Ordinary Extra”

Marco Poloni is one of the young artists whose work the BF15 has followed since the completion of their studies. This interactive installation offers an innocent game of appearances: seated at the controls of a joystick, in front of a television screen, the visitor manipulates the images and sound recorded outside. At least this is what we are led to believe. For both image and sound manipulate the visitor’s perception; if it is true that the visitor, using a mechanized camera placed on the edge of a window, is the one who frames the image, s/he may or may not realize that the private confessions that accompany the image are dialogue from films by Rohmer. The superposition of reality and fiction is perfect — so much so that the latter moulds the real and gives the visitor the pleasure of being a demiurge.
The installation was such a success that even well after it was taken down the public still returned to see it.

Installation acquired by the Fonds d’Art contemporain in Geneva.