exhibition in Résonance with the Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art 2005

We often have the feeling of being fooled by time. The more we try to gain time, the further it slips away. The exhibition of Michel de Broin (born in 1970, lives in Montreal), Tenir sans servir c’est résister, is a robot which allows the user to gain sensed time, despite the measured time that has flowed out, in brief, to gain time by losing it. The real-life experience teaches us to appreciate how the notion of duration varies depending on the contents of the expe-rience. Thought to put resistance in the public space, this robot was developped and put on the road in Paris during the “orange alert of the Vigipirates security measures”. It is equipped with batteries, memory, a clock and is composed of an electromagnet with a strong capacity (300 kg) conceived to attach to metallic surfaces such as the Eiffel Tower. The electronic keyboard permits the user to arm and disarm the magnet by entering its programmable secret code of four numbers. Without this electric signature, it is impossible to remove the magnet that is firmly installed in the public place for the occasion. When the electromagnet is activa-ted, a clock with LEDs displays a programmable duration. The countdown may seem like that of a time bomb, but it is no way the case. The apparatus possesses a finality unique to it, unlike a bomb, at the end of the countdown, the robot stops resisting and falls to the ground. 
Réparations is an action of interventionist nature, during which used bottles of soft drinks, randomly found on a walk, are retrieved and reworked into rockets, propelled into the Paris sky. 

In partnership with the Canadian Cultural Centre, the Cirque du Soleil, the Quebec Government delegation and the Quebec Council of Arts and Literature

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Michel de Broin (www.micheldebroin.org)