exhibition in RESONANCE with the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennial 2005

MP & MP Rosado (born in 1971, live in Cádiz, Spain) are twins. They are also artists. Their work disrupts the traditional idea of creation as a unique force. By using ink and watercolour, sculpture and photography, they continually research the mysterious connections that exist between them. Outsiders plunges us into the surreal, borderline world of charac-ters in search of themselves, between stability and toppling, reality and fiction. In front of the works that always seem suspended, as if the images were taken in flight, the viewers question the past and generate in themselves the near future of the work.
At La BF15, a body lying in a strange tunnel leads us up to a floor covered with another wooden floor. A second skin under which another body (the same?) seems to sink. Oniric vision, coming from a dream (or nightmare) where the ground undulates beneath our feet. 

In partnership with the Cervantes Institut and the Olivier Houg gallery

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Instituto Cervantes (lyon.cervantes.es)

Résonance (biennaledelyon.com/biennale/resonance)