In resonance with the 2005 lyon Biennale

In his photography, videos, and actions, Gonzalo Lebrija (born in 1972, lives in Guadalajara, Mexico) explores “unproductive” activity and its relationship to individual creativity. By way of fragile and fragmentary anecdotes, he suggests that recreational activities give meaning and significance to our random existence. Playing high transcribes the suspended time that this video presents us with, following the flight of one of these small paper planes thrown from the 23rd floor of the tallest building in Guadalajara. The slow and random descent of this modest object, offers a wide panorama of the city. It conveys a sense of freedom, flight, and the fleeing of time. For this specific project in La BF15, entitled Playing high, Lebrija has taken several photographic portraits of lawyers deeply consumed in a rather mysterious activity. These obscure, Vermeeresque images interact with a pair of stainless steel enlarged sculpture replicas of the ordinary paper airplanes shown in the photographs. Through poetic gestures that engage with everyday objects and experiences, Lebrija examines the dislocation between the grand meta-narratives of progress associated with modernism and daily contemporary existence.

in collaboration with de Lourdes Armendáriz Coordinación de proyectos de arte
partners : Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, Conaculta, La Colección Jumex, Spot, Cerámica Suro