Michel Blazy and Frieda Schumann (born in 1966 and 1967, live in Paris) share the same distrust towards the work of art “edifice“ and would rather let the world do its work, at its own rate. Le mollusque is an exhibition that brings together at La BF15, a certain amount of personal and collaborative works of these two artists.They transport us into a deep organic and shapeless world. The visitors experience an empirical and imaginary exhibition and let themselves be carried by the magic of the objects and materials, by their metabolisms and their incongruous connection. The spectator even becomes part of their evolution, of their accidents, “the result of the spectator’s action will automa-tically be integrated into the piece,” explains Frieda Schumann. Thus, in this exhibition, the regard and the body of the visitor travel down astonishing half-plant, half-acquatic universes. 
These devices do not set the world on stage as an immediate and consumable show-object, but, in the image of the Mur qui pèle by Michel Blazy, they provoke, long-term and beyond words, our imaginative universe and our senses.