This project is the result of the meeting of three artists, Maria Loizidou (born 1958, lives in Cyprus) / Zafos Xagoraris (born in 1963, lives in Athens) / Bruno Yvonnet (born in 1957, lives in Lyon), working in three European cities, Nicosia / Athens / Lyon, in order to work together on the question of L’autre ville. They agreed to work first in Cyprus because this island has experienced important political activity since the line of demarcation has been half-opened by the occupation authorities, and since the adhesion of its southern part to the European Union. Nicosia is the last capital in the world to be cut in two by a border line. Each artist gives us an account of this reality. In Lyon, the project includes a fourth artist, Dror Endeweld (born in 1960, lives in Lyon), involved in the subject because of his Israeli origins. 

With the support of the city of Lyon / AFAA; the French Cultural center, Nicosia; the Gallery Staffolini Alchimede, Nicosia, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, Bank of Cyprus with the complicity of the Museum of the Fine arts (School of Fine Arts) and the Diderot High School with the participation of Anne Guicherd (videographer)