Metacomics offers an exhibition in three parts: Echoesland (published by Denoël graphics, 2005) Scenario by Pauline Fondevila (born 1972, lives in Rosario, Argentina), drawings by François Olislaeger’s (born 1978, lives in Paris and Mexico). The comic strip follows the structure of Little Nemo in Slumber-land, in which the hero’s frustrations and visions create delirious dreams every night, gradually building Slumber-land, the land of dreams. Here references to works of art, movies, books, songs, well-known or more confidential references which form Echoesland, the land of echoes, the country in which the main character, P., loses himself.
Ésta es mi playa (ed. Art3, Valencia, 2003) by Francesc Ruiz (born 1971, lives in Barcelona). On the occasion of the last celebration of the Midsummer’s night, thousands of young people, in possession of large amounts of alcohol, stormed the beaches of Barcelona at nightfall. Widespread in other parts of Spain, this practice, known as “el botellón” has become a custom in the Catalan capital. Francesc Ruiz, Soy sauce (published by Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, 2004) is a collection of six comics books about the lives and adventures of a handful of characters in Barcelona

Echoland and Esta es mi playa were created within the framework of a program of exchanges between Catalonia and the RhôneAlpes region

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