With a burlesque and critical slant, Olivier Grossetête maintains a physical relation to architecture and urban space. In his unruly and poetic performances he uses cardboard as a building material. With the complicity of a group of twenty persons, he created a replica (six meters by twenty meters) of the Lyon town hall on the Place des Terreaux. This degraded representation of a major object of cultural heritage and seat of power was built, set up, and dismantled in front of the original in a matter of hours. This “architectural moment” gave an air of derision and instability to all monumental endeavors. The constraints of the material lent, amongst other things, an Arabic dimension to the work — all to the best affect.


Chimène Denneulin has developed a photographic and video practice that brings together aspects of landscape, representation and identity. Her photographic montages, inspired by the shopping mall in Part Dieu (Lyon), are individually inserted into the interior on the upper floor. She gives this space, with its private almost intimate character, a public and highly decorative atmosphere, in which the images, colors, logos and text taken from the interior of the shopping mall converge.

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Olivier Grossetête (www.documentsdartistes.org/artistes/grossetete)