Raphaël Boccanfuso plays with situations in which art is contaminated by market ideology, the language of enterprise and commerce. He focuses on the use of copyright in public space, using misappropriated images of the Place des Terreaux and other contemporary monuments in Lyon: all the buildings that have been registered for copyright by their architect.

The exhibition publication, co-edited by the BF15, was banned from sale by the ADAGP. Raphaël Boccanfuso takes on the archetypes of modern art (“knowing how to place one’s colors”) in transforming the masterpieces of abstract art by painstakingly cutting them up into statistical graphs!

Raphaël Boccanfuso is born in Suresne en 1964 and lives in Montreuil

lien :

Raphaël Boccanfuso (www.raphaelboccanfuso.com)