Here are two artists who, in using the means of traditional technique, are pursuing the classical quest for beauty, such as harmony, in a “handmade” art, the culmination of artistic skill. Drawing serves as the basis of their practice.

For Jean-Christophe Massinon, painting and figurative art represent a method of achieving happiness: colors are “cheerful,” forms are simple and sustain, in a kind of permanent state of childhood, a sense of well-being stripped of false appearances.

Rainier Lericolais’s proposal consists of a cardboard sculpture that draws as much from architecture as it does from furniture, creating an in-between which serves to reconsider our presence in space and question our familiarity with forms and scales.

Rainier Lericolais is born in 1970 à Châteauroux, works and lives in Paris
Jean-Christophe Massinon is born in 1962 à Longeville-Les-Metz, works and lives in à Nancy.

partners : Graphik, impression numérique, Nancy.