“From 16 November to 5 January,” the activities of the BF15 in Lyon have been temporized by the installation of a production site: the creation and the functioning of a clothing workshop. Textile workers, hired through classified ads published in the local press, produce low-priced t-shirts for the duration of the exhibition. Each day’s production is punctuated by the choice of a political cartoon. Transferred to the t-shirts, the motif and caption of each cartoon mark, day by day, both a transformed calendar of the exhibition space and what is produced there.” IL/FS

Franck Scurti has restaged this project, which converted the BF15 into an employer of workers and a hirer of machines, during his subsequent retrospective exhibitions.

Ingrid Luche is born in 1971
Franck Scurti is born in 1965

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Franck Scurti (www.franckscurti.net)