residency in Moly-Sabata, Albert Gleizes Foundation in March 2020

with the support of the Finnish Cultural Foundation
and Frame Contemporary Art Finland

Oceane Bruel's sculptural approach is set out like a score of gestures, placements and transformations experiencing the slowed temporality of an uncertain future. She presents an embodiment of social, personal, environmental and cultural vulnerabilities. In the exhibition L Like Molecule, her existential concerns rooted in everyday life intertwine with sensitive material.
Océane Bruel is interested in structures whose fragility comes from tangible and emotional interactions. With and between animate or inanimate bodies, the artist offers care, drawing attention to and shedding light on that which is considered minor.  Elements taken from the artist’s environment are combined with existing or recently produced pieces, equally linked to her experience with daily life. Carefully, she selects, manipulates, alters, molds, partners and arranges. Experiments, by intention or chance, are exposed to the maturation of the project.
Over the months of preparation, she was particularly attentive to her nightly dreamlike activity and the sudden appearance of memories. "A fascination with these persistent images has taken hold, as has the need to experience this physical and spiritual pleasure and comfort. As the weeks went by, I got into a meditative drift, and in this ambiguity of being in between, empathetic and aloof". What she calls "storage of affects" is also infused in her practice and the material of her works.
For her first solo exhibition in a French art center, Océane Bruel worked from a corpus of entities with the power to affect, move or call up memories. In particular, she introduces plants (and their aromas) characteristic of the scrubland, her childhood terrain. Rosemary, thyme and verbena arrive through their scents and in macerations presented in everyday glass containers, bowls, plates, glasses. As they evolve with time during the exposition, they make reference to both medicinal and daily practices, but also to the landscape and the land.
The universe into which L Like Molecule,bring us resists autobiography, personal history, anecdotes, in order to share this focus on the ordinary and let us also give in to the drift.

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