Part of BiME - Biennale of Exploratory Music
in coproduction with GRAME - Cncm

La BF15 renews its participation in the Biennale Musiques en Scène, which has become the BiME Exploratory Music Biennial. In this context, Pierre-Laurent Cassière presents a set of works at the crossroads of sculpture, enlarged cinema and sound installation.
Massive or invisible, vibratory devices play with the gaps between their movements and our perceptions. Whether they twist, fix or move, these kinetic objects and their rustling induce paradoxical, even contradictory, sensations that disturb our apprehension of reality. With phenomena deployed over time but always present, Immediats invites us to seize the moment, the time of doubt, the time of a survey of spaces and an immersion in listening.

In the first room, the three dark mirrors of Distorsions distort, according to their oscillations, the image of the place and the bodies reflected therein. The steel sheets adopt different vibrational states between the soft, almost liquid undulation and the noisy spasms which fragment, blur and multiply the reflections.
At the center of the exhibition, the artist presents Discord whose harmonic hum of amplified fans echoes in the dark. The rotation of their propellers is however imperceptible, as if frozen.
Finally under the glass roof, cracklings appear on the reflective surfaces of the architecture. The acoustic illusions of Dislocation invite us to probe, to explore an empty room.

During the BiME Exploratory Music Biennial, Wednesday March 18 at 7 p.m., Pierre-Laurent Cassière activates Réponses (Tectophonie) in a performative version. From a program calibrated in situ, very low frequencies are broadcast in space to play with its resonances. The device transforms La BF15 into a fully-fledged acoustic instrument and invites us, for the duration of a session, to literally listen to the place.

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