Matthias Begart + Ana Benveniste + Mathieu Borodine + Malthide Boureev + Mathieu Bouvier

from 05 October to 10 November 2001



Mathieu Bouvier  “du droit des foules à disposer (d’elles-mêmes)”

Under this title, the work of four artists from the group Unlimited Nemo question, in diverging and yet sometimes concomitant ways, our relation to the social body. Shot in the Place des Terreaux and projected at night on the window of the BF15, Mathieu Bouvier’s video reveals the particular effectiveness of Daniel Buren’s installation as a “frame.” The diversity of camera angles and dynamic editing make this video, whose relation to television would serve to re-qualify the latter’s artistic status, a kind of “dramatization of the crowd.” The individual is no longer susceptible, as a subject, to being defined by whatever brand humanism, but is rather the constitutive sign of a vast iconographic assembly.