Ronnie Tjampintjinpa
Walala Tjapaltjarri

collection Arnaud Serval
curator Perrine Lacroix

In collaboration with the collector Arnaud Serval, who for many years has been weaving emotional and spiritual ties with the Aborigines, La BF15 is pleased to present a set of paintings by Ronnie Tjampintjinpa and Walala Tjapaltjarri.
Through their works, the two artists sound the Songlines of the many sacred sites of the Pintupi people. In formal registers of their own, each of them deploys the Tingari cycle, or the story of the Tingari ancestors when they created the world during Dreamtime.

In the book Pays Tingari, published by Arnaud Serval in 2004, Betty Villeminot's text sheds light on this sacred and secret mythology linked to the territory and to the Dreamtime.

According to the legend, at the time of the eternal Dream, at the age of Alcheringa, there was only one life on earth, a motionless life, a gigantic embryonic transparent bulk, made of a mixture of uncompleted beings, rough drafts of each animal and plant species, the inapertwas. The whole becoming of humanity: past, present and future of the world was there, pre-programmed in this primordial matter. When he deemed it necessary, the supreme Being, "The One who came from nothing, existed by Himself", left one of the worlds of the sky to come down on earth and modify this bulk. From his work the humans were born, in their present shapes. Since then, each man, each woman is related to the animal or plant it was born of.
In order to ensure the eternity of their Work, these Entities created sacred sites, linked by tracks along which the different landscapes sang their Feats. So as to guide the humans in the immensity of their country, they created poems and told the humans to murmur them along their pilgrimages from one site to the other, in order to transform the track into a transcendental place which could bring them into the Time of Creation.

in partnership with John Euvrard Sommelier and Exit Mag