In 2013, Jean-Baptiste Sauvage falls on the photograph of a red round painted on the pinion of a service station. These geometric shapes echo the work he is developing, he undertakes research and discovers the extent of the communication campaign orchestrated at the launch of the Elf brand, in April 1967. It is a documentary collection, photography remnants of red circles still present along the roads and contacts some actors of this history.
The project takes a new turn when Jean-Baptiste Sauvage offers Olivier Mosset to "redo" one of these red circles. After a phase of identification, they choose the station of Peyrus in the Drôme. The red circle is inaugurated in July 2017.
Fabienne Grasser-Fulchéri, director of the Espace de l'Art Concret, to whom Jean-Baptiste Sauvage spoke about his project, decides to invite the two artists. The exhibition, which opens in April 2017, presents works by Jean-Baptiste Sauvage and Olivier Mosset, a documentation of their research and scouting and archives of the launch campaign of the Elf brand.

Olt, the last part of a long-term project, offers an in-depth reading of what is at stake in Mosset and Sauvage's proposal, and uses the text and the image to display the story in which it is a part of. The book is built around two textual contributions by Jill Gasparina: the interview she conducted with the project's actors and the essay "Hommage to the Circle" which enter into dialogue with a very rich iconography, including documents from the Elf Fund, mostly unpublished to date.