hors les murs // J'éprouve le silence des corps, c'est doux les gestes inanimés

Caroline Saves + Benoît Vidal

from 18 January to 02 March 2019



I feel the silence of the body, it is sweet the inanimate gestures

Second part of Conversation Lyon I Montreal 

Conversations is an exhibition project based on reciprocity, in which artistic scenes from Lyon and Montreal meet.
In April 2018, four art centers and two residencies hosted eight Montreal artists in Lyon. It is the turn of seven artists from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, selected by the partners of the two cities concerned, to come to Montreal.
On this occasion, La BF15 proposes I experience the silence of the bodies, it is sweet the inanimate gestures, an exhibition of Caroline Saves and Benoît Vidal at the Gallery B-312 which welcomes them in residence during a month.
This invitation offers a new context of temporary incarnation to their work of sculpture and performance.

With the support of the French Institute / City of Lyon