Around the Dance Biennale
Part of 9 PH Festival of Photography and Contemporary Image

Chloé Serre
Ordinary Conventions

dance : Nina Barbé, Mélen Cazenave, Mila Endeweld, Romane Marie Piffaut et Coline Salimata
music : Julien Russo, Antoine et Mathias Valex

At La BF15, Chloé Serre (born in 1986, lives and works in Saint-Etienne and Lyon) presents her first solo exhibition in an art center. For this occasion, she is creating actions and forms of the ordinary conventions that govern our daily relations with both the environment and others. How do we come across to others? What are the risks we face? What roles do we take on when we enter a social space? How do we articulate our movements and our gestures based on others and on each situation? Through  a selection of sculptures and their choreographic and photographic stagings, two new productions by Chloé Serre invite us into a space, shedding light on these invisible ballets that organize the social body in established rapports that impact the individual body in everyday life.

Drawing from her background in social sciences and art studies, but also influenced by her own experience of deafness, Chloé Serre develops a work that is both sculptural and performative, putting bodies in situations of adaptation.

Based on the writings of the Canadian-born American sociologist Erving Goffman, the artist creates what she calls "intent scripts". At La BF15, they replay themselves in an environment of prehensile sculptures, states of interaction and shared presence, in which one deals with waiting, positioning and communication. These scripts, intended to be performed by dancers, generate micro-scenes that reinterpret our ordinary relationships. The objects and costumes made by the artist are both functional and sculptural. Markers and tools, they condition the frames and rules of conduct that redefine the place of exhibition as a scenic area imbued with the worlds of Samuel Beckett and Jacques Tati.

If this first proposal is the result of a collaboration between the artist, dancers and three musicians, the second, Syntax of Our Habits, was constructed with senior citizens of the Croix-Rousse district in Lyon. With them, the artist has produced a series of sculptures that give shape to the shared reflections on the daily lives of each of these people. From the collected individual stories, a duo of sculptures was tailor-made for each participant. Each carries the name of one of the participants, as a kind of sculptural portrait that the artist then captures in photography.

Is the work of Chloé Serre thus fully in situ, in the place of the social body that models and the individual body that interprets? One within the other, they support each other and reinvent themselves.

with the support of the help device for the creation of the City of Saint-Etienne

in partnership with Klein Découpe Service, Menuiserie Croizat, Social Center Croix-Rousse Pernon, Town Hall of the 4th arrondissement of Lyon and EXIT mag

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