Outside the walls

Résonance / Biennale de Lyon 2017

Groupe ATC
403 Rue d’Athènes,
69140 Rillieux-la-Pape

Intervention on facade
Visible until 7 January 2018

The Hic & nunc project, created for the Resonance Route at the 2017 Biennale de Lyon, is an in situ, monumental painting installed on the facade of the headquarters and production site of ATC Groupe (a printing company and partner of the Biennale).
The painter Vincent Dulom (born in 1965, lives in Paris) has developed a practice using contemporary printing techniques. His motivation in turning to the machine, a printer is unique: the quest to develop painting without limits without time, on which there are no holds. Through its mechanical, continuous and regular gesture, the printer allows the artist to totally step back, to remove his hand to hand connection to the canvas. He is thus free to pursue his research more accurately than with any other tool.
The printer is the perfect extension of his arm. This project serves as a reflection on Vincent Dulom's "gesture" as a painter.
Hic & nunc provides contemplation a living painting, a moving ink stain, the colors of which float before the canvas, to the point of disappearing, while the support steps back from the eye. Subjected to the variations of ambient luminosity, it will be viewed differently depending on the weather's caprices: powerful under a beating sunshine, dampened when in the rain.
The viewer is invited to linger before Hic & nunc, a painting that physically escapes the onlooker.