In Résonance with the Biennale de Lyon 2017 / FOCUS

Performance 16 November from 6 pm to 9 pm

with Frédéric Auria, Marie-Jeanne Courtier, lulia Dumitru, Martine Escorihuela, Valentine Gouget, Roger Guir, Louise Laborde, Sevrine Lagut, Emmanuel Lefait, Michèle Lucas, Michel Marec, Thibaut Maugard, Armelle Nardone, René Nardone, Laaiqa Omarjee, Anna Tomczak, Sara Tremblay et Martin Wallis.
and the collaboration of Philippe Chareyron and Vincent Hermano (Théâtre Nouvelle Génération) 

Built in 1071, the Pont du Change, opposite the BF15, was the first bridge in Lyon to cross the Saône. It was demolished in 1846, rebuilt and then demolished again in 1974. Ever since, this bridge has disappeared into oblivion.
Following her research, Adrianna Wallis (1981, Villard de Lans) invites the inhabitants of both banks to reactivate the memory of the bridge and its architecture. 
During a performance, some native Lyonnais are reactivating its memory and its architecture: from a collection of stories gathered by the artist during his research, the members of the group will orally reconstruct a part of the city's history, stories tinted with their subjectivities. 

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