In Résonance with the Biennale de Lyon 2017 / FOCUS

Eva Taulois (born in 1982, lives and works in Nantes) draws on various contexts of objects and practises in order to grasp the processes that bring about form.  Her work has been building for a decade on a reconciliatory dynamic between the arts, crafts and industries with underlying aspects that are part of the techniques of cultural transmission and reappropriation. The artist remains attentive to the notion of exhibition, to the "disposition" in which an exhibition places us.

Make Yourself Comfortable refers here to the polite phrase most often associated with an invitation to take a seat.  At la BF15, the visitor is encouraged to sit down, to look toward the wide-open windows overlooking the banks of the Saône and Fourvière Hill. In this constant positioning between interior and exterior, the artist draws us into the sight/site games that create an experience with both landscape and painting.
The exhibition then becomes the place of introspection on a practice and a medium that the artist breaks down while crossing genres, gestures, qualities, supports, or even the modalities of monstration.
On the occasion of her first invitation to Lyon, and linked to the floral tradition which, since the 17th century has intimately associated painting and silk in this city, the artist questions the recurrence of patterns in her own work, or of the passageways through which the precision of savoir-faire can lead us towards paths of abstraction.

Eva Taulois thus introduces us into the ambiguous nature of the artefact, understood as both object and process. Between objects and motifs of comfort (carpets, furniture, plants, floral motifs ...), the visitor is invited to enter a context of perception and production.
Make Yourself Comfortable is not merely "sculptural" or "pictorial" static entities that are assigned a physicality, an intention or a narrative. In its ability to welcome, the exhibition carries us into the potentiality of another story.

in patnership with Le Géant des Beaux-Arts  and The Botanical Garden - City of Lyon

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