Part of the program Suite, initiated by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP),

Bringing together the artists Meris Angioletti and Flora Moscovici (born in 1977 and 1985, live in Paris), La BF15 proposes Adagio: the first exhibition of the program Suite, initiated by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP), in partnership with the Adagp.

Considering painting in its many definitions and using the highlyvaried possibilities of the medium, including an exploration of its margins, the sleek interventions of Flora Moscovici reveal the pictorial depth of the spaces into which she is invited. The devices of Meris Angioletti add a complex dimension, nourished by many references to art history, cognitive sciences, psychology or esoteric beliefs.

To establish their dialogue, the two artists rely on the luminous variations crossing through the space of La BF15. From day to night, multiple impact reports between the works and the space are created.
Flora Moscovici’s pictorial gesture comes to occupy the space at its edges, like an incandescent emanation. This work, almost atmospheric, is transformed under the luminous and sonorous oscillations of Meris Angioletti’s devices.
Inspired by Thema - a work for voice and tape recorder created by Luciano Berio in 1958 from a fragment of Ulysses by James Joyce (The Sirens) - a choir spreads out in space, echoing the extended conference proposed by Meris Angioletti, during which she interprets a text of Italo Calvino, Un roi à l’écoute, around the onomatopoeic and enchanting qualities of language. These vibrations, along with a score colored onto the windows of the space, participate in a synesthesic process involving interactions with Flora Moscovici’s work.

By creating prints and templates of physical and mental spaces, the work of these two artists provides an incarnation that is both evident and nebulous in our existence.
And their exhibition at La BF15 leads us then to consider artistic research as a crossing, temporarily inscribed yet constantly unfolding in multiple and distant dimensions. 

in partnership with the Adagp
Grame, centre national de création musicale and Le Géant des Beaux-Arts  

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