Outside the walls

RUN, RUN, RUN, Villa Arson, Nice

For the 20th year celebration of La Station, La BF15 has been invited to RUN, RUN, RUN, an exhibition about the notion of artist-run spaces, developed by some twenty European structures and more than sixty artists.
RUN, RUN, RUN, is constructed as an open and plural exhibition. Created by artists, it is complex and experimental, and deliberately resolved to reflect the generous and transversal spirit of artist-run spaces. The plurality and diversity of practices in no way prevent the possibility of "making together", the sharing of work and production.

In this context, Perrine Lacroix (born in 1967, lives in Lyon) responds as curator and artist, inviting Loïc Blairon (born in 1978, lives in Paris) to produce an in-situ collaborative work.
The flight (low wall) is shown at the back of the gallery, at the end of a cypress maze, in a room crossed by a staircase. An immense black veil embraces the space before tumbling to the ground, stopped by a low wall which blocks its expanse.
In architecture, a flight is the term used to describe all the steps of a staircase between two levels. Here, the wall is adjusted to the height of the flight of the stairs, it draws a horizon, a point of view. A little-known version of the Greek myth tells us that Daedalus and Icarus left Crete, not by air, but by boat with a sail.

The flight (low wall) returns to the air and the earth, to the evanescent and the tangible, to that which constitutes body and that which makes image. Contrasts are opposed while making one, as they are structured in relation to each other, the landscape and the vision that invents it, the horizon and the obstacle that defines it.

lien :

https://www.villa-arson.org/2016/06/run-run-run/ (RUN RUN RUN)

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