performance of Elisabeth Tambwe, during the opening, Thursday, November 10, 7pm

For her first solo show in a french art center, Esther Stocker is invited to create a new production that unfolds over all surfaces of the exhibition space of La BF15.
This exhibition is part of a a program directed this year by the concepts of frame, and relational, productive or technological networks.

“The design shows that a structure is always something more than the sum of its parts. The illusory nature of the pattern should awaken the curiosity of the beholder.”
The Italo-Austrian artist takes us from the plan to the space, in an illusion of continuity that somehow rejects the unprecedented impression it produces.
Here, the grid, which is ever-present in the artist’s work and underlies the history of painting, spreads from floor to ceiling, underlining the falseness of the artifact, causing us to lose our bearings.

The dialogue that unfolds between the structure and the spectator goes beyond the limits of painting and the rigidity of the format. Amplified, monumental, this grid projects us into the vivid experience of both the space and our own bodies.

This two-color universe, pictorial and sculptural, with its insistant patterns, falls clearly within the legacy of abstraction all the while providing a unique experience, renewed with each viewing. The relentless precision of the structures meets with the imperfection of accidents, and generates rhythm as much as space: the changing plasticity of poetic experience.

with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum

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