performance around the biennale de la Danse, Thursday September 22

La BF15 presents Group Show, The Matinée, a performance interpreted by Galerie, an art gallery in residence at La BF15.

In Group Show, Galerie represents a selection of intangible artworks, whose formats vary from a joke to a dance solo, a conflict to a therapy, scripted conversations to a wifi surgery or a cyber-pilgrimage.
Galerie proposes "representations" developed in collaboration with several artists, such as Audrey Cottin, Krõõt Juurak, Valentina Desideri, Alex Bailey, Pontus Pettersson, Dora Garcia, Mårten Spångberg, Jan Ritsema, Vanja Smiljanic.

Group Show is a group exhibition in the form of a performance, and in which the gallerists play and assume the role of intepreters of artworks that are not present.

With the development of an "experience economy", the contemporary artistic practices have encouraged the production of subjectivities using the living as mean and end: a conversation, a behavior, a movement or a mood become mediums and art objects. What are the connections between the objectification and the production of living in the arts? What happens to the bodies of those who create? What happens to a body when the very notion of "living" is capitalized in a new form of production? How to consider the artworks when we cannot differentiate them from a form of life? 1

1 - Frank Leibovici, Des formes de vie, follow the link

in partnership with Presqu'ile Fleurs et Herr Von Eden


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