Amélie Giacomini / Laura Sellies (born in 1988 and 1989, lives in Paris)
associated curator Georgia René-Worms
chorégraphy Anna Gaïotti et Mbarou Ndiaye
music Raffaele Grimaldi
image Antoine Waterkeyn


"On the floor lie various shades of green and brown. A ray comes up. Bronze. Rosy-Blue appears is a polyphonic project designed around four sculptures, two dancers, a sky, an island and a few trees. It involves several media and is being shown during the Dakar Biennale simultaneously, in two different places: the old Niani Hotel in the West Corniche of Dakar and at La BF15 in Lyon. 
In March, Amélie went to live in Dakar for four months, while I stayed in Paris. She tells the story. Amélie falls upon an inn, the Shellfish Inn. The facades are covered. They form mosaics, beckon her to enter. The interior is dark, the rooms theme-based. A man approaches, the place is a sacred temple, she must pray at the large baobab tree in the center of the courtyard, place her hand on it, buy a strange figurine. Actually the Shellfish Inn is not a place of worship, but a former brothel. The place is abandoned.
A journey leads to meetings that lead to a story and its images, its sculptures, its movements, which then lead to another journey, for the two of us this next time.
Rosy-Blue is a mesh of cultures, stories, disciplines. Rosy-Blue is a film which reconstructs movement. Rosy-Blue is a constant back and forth between disciplines, and the actors who create it. Its sculptures provoke movements and the movements intertwine with forms. The movement films itself, the materials, the landscapes, the stories and their sounds. At the very end, Rosy-Blue projects itself, lets itself be seen. There is also the sea, or a river, a dancer. Rosy-Blue creates its space, it is part of its body, we see it only once; Rosy-Blue is a simultaneous event between two countries, ours and another's. However, sometimes Rosy-Blue scatters, several versions show up in different cities, and Rosy-Blue diffuses voices that bring us back to it.  We hear its constant song."
Amélie Giacomini / Laura Sellies

with the support of the CNC (DICRéAM), Villa Médicis - Académie de France à Rome and Ars Ultima
in partnership with Grame and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (ENSBA) of Lyon
winning project of the production aid 2015 of the ADÉRA, Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes art schools

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