From the 67 candidates who responded to La BF15's call for projects,
Mathilde Chénin (born in 1980, lives in Merle-Leignec) was selected in February 2016. The jury was composed of Hauviette Bethemont (journalist and curator), Mathilde of Sordet (artist), Perrine Lacroix (Director of La BF15 and curator), Guillaume Louot (artist), Florence Meyssonnier (coordinator of La BF15 and art critic) and Anna Tomczak (cultural anthropologist and curator).
Histoires des ensembles (Stories of sets), 2002-2016 is Mathilde Chénin's first solo exhibition. It is part of a program developed this year around the concept of frames, of networks, in both production and technology. 

"For La BF15, I plan to use the three exhibition spaces to present a mind map. This is made up of sticky notes of various sizes and colors, the layout of many thousands of words and phrases tracing the semantic contours of eight groups, of eight collective experiences in which I took part, or have been taking part in, since 2002. The subtext of this layout is eight time-spaces, embodied, lived and shared: the self-managed space of the Tanneries in Dijon; Vila Vila Kula, an occupied house in a neighborhood of Barcelona; the Garucha, a Zapatista community in Mexico; the FRISSE workshops (a women's sexual risk prevention group) in Lyon; Ecobox community garden in Paris; the Research Cooperative at Clermont Ferrand's art school; the Metaphorical Institute, a laboratory in the Basque Country; and finally Bermuda, a project to construct shared workshops in the city of Sergy Ain.
Eight groups, and as many ways to be together, to think about what we share, to relate to each other, to create a form.
Histoires des ensembles (Stories of sets), 2002-2016 takes us through the fields of questioning or the struggles of these various groups, the language they use, the objects that are part of their daily lives. From this, life forms are drawn, mental landscapes are revealed, thought is designed.
The gesture that governs the organization of this semantic database relies as much on memory, on notation - literally reminders - as on a way to tell a story, to compose an open narrative.
The eight clusters that meet, overlap, and sometimes interrupt each other, become scripts, future scenarios, offering the viewer projection spaces, gaps in which images, associations, and other networks may emerge."
Mathilde Chénin

with the support of Gerflor
with the collaboration of Julien Quartier, De Facto