Meeting to discuss the exhibition with Sonia Recasens on Thursday, May 26 at 7 pm

Originally from the Caribbean, Hessie (born in 1936, died in 2017, in Hérouval, France) moved to New York in the late 1950s, where her experience in an art reproduction workshop turned her away from painting and figurative work.
Better known in the French feminist context of the 1970s, her work was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris in 1975 and, more recently, was part of the exhibition elles@centrepompidou, from the Daniel Cordier donation.

For over fifty years, Hessie has been living and working in a converted mill in Hérouval. With the discretion and patience of Penelope, Hessie weaves a silent work that has particular resonance in the din of today's world: breath. Hessie embroiders frames. We can perceive them as very light grids, writing surfaces or as meshed fences, the limit. Hessie embroiders intimacy, creating a distance, privacy. Hessie weaves a frame. The pattern is superimposed on the support, and the two mingle in an abstract, minimal and repetitive work. In its perseverance, the hand adds nuances, creating the tangible. Hessie weaves time, the rhythm of movement, its repetition. Hessie is committed, the program of a lifetime, tenacious. Hessie resists, a woman facing the world, an artist.

This year, La BF15's program explores the concept of frames, of networks, in both production and technology. It stems from a region and its history, Lyon's silk and cloth industry, and from that which is contemporary, our world, its web and its networks. In this context, our invitation we have extended to a great artist emerged. Within this landscape, her work and process unveils itself before our eyes, humbly, in Silence


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