Part of la Biennale Musiques en scène 2016

For their first solo exhibition, Antoine Bellini and Lou Masduraud  (born in 1990 and 1979, lives and work in Genève and Lyon)

have developed their projection-based artistic research on the daily use of technological objects and the integration of these into their private lives. In this posthumanist context, they have chosen to avoid positioning themselves critically before this ubiquitousness and to distance themselves from indiscriminate use of them in order to build new, creative and significant relationships with these electronic objects and with electricity.

"At La BF15, we want to export our performative issues, translate and develop them through our first solo exhibition. We offer new visibility and a new form to our research through a self-contained installation, designed and constructed from our performative experiences. This experience is based on the phenomenon of conduction - both as an electrical phenomenon but also in its aesthetic and poetic potential.  The installation takes the form of an electric flux network, of sensorial and eery fluxes. La BF15 becomes a space where everything is potentially conductive: elements of the installation (cables - sound - sculptures - texts) within a network that the visitors' / listeners' permeable bodies integrate, subjected to different flows, be they energetic, sonor, or electromagnetic. The aim is to experience the ambiguous interactions that develop among these conductive presences."
Lou Maduraud / Antoine Bellini

in partnership with Grame, national center of musical creation
with the support of the Canton Contemporary Art Fund of Geneva and The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia