Part of Supervues, Vaison la Romaine

For her new participation in Supervues, La BF15 is pleased to invite Loïc Blairon to produce an in situ work.

"When I visited the Burrhus Hotel, I was struck by its labyrinthine side, I got lost several times, I observed the beds of the hotel and it seemed to me that were they who determined each room and conferred a specificity.The room 23 seems banal and without quality, its decor is reduced to 2 twin beds From there, I imagined a sculpture that would preserve the entity of the room, its use for the visitor of Vaison-La-Romaine, while reversing it: to duplicate the space and to build a sculpture inside which one could be lost and not to differentiate the inside from the outside.
Double room is the attempt to repeat a space, and to duplicate the affects it summons with that charm that there is to think that the time of a lifetime spends more than a third to sleep lying in the dark, blind time and the environment. " Loïc Blairon