A proposal of Veronica Valentini

Talk exercise by Camille Bondon, lecture performance by Lúa Coderch and Pedro Stoichita, meeting with Rosa Lléo, special broadcast of the program Take you there radio 24th session of the Ecole du Magasin

One day, in the pocket of my blue bag, I found a note that contained a handwritten sentence. This sentence, which comes from the description of a work seen in a museum in northern Europe, now opens this paragraph, in bold print.  As if a statement, with neither shame nor fear, it is nevertheless wary of itself. It is this sentence, after all, that these few lines address. This sentence is an olfactory offering, a means of expression, a space of sharing, a projection, an atmosphere. It remains in the interval, in the space of experience behind it.

"Since the beginning of 2014, I have been seeking out artists who question the status and challenges of works and exhibitions, their contexts, precepts and all that follows. To complete this cycle, I am pleased to invite the curator Veronica Valentini to join me in reflecting on the new forms of curating, and the interactions between the actors of art, its different spaces and the public."
Perrine Lacroix

"Our contemporary societies have started a process of redefining the notions of time and space, in an attempt to identify the changes that have occurred in the relationship between the characteristics of social life and the  individuals and groups that inhabit them. Human experience is accomplished in time and relationship dynamics are placed in a defined space which makes up its context. Furthermore, our constant mobility (mobilitias in Latin, ease to move or be moved) leads us to reconsider the conditions under which we approach movement and re-evaluate the experiences of the spaces through which we move.  Far from being a simple trip, the practice of mobility (to move, to travel, to be in motion) "can be regarded as a phenomenological experience where identity is brought to otherness; as a process of transformation where ideas, perceptions and prejudices are challenged, as values and thus as a process of enrichment and knowledge1."
" To encourage movement (movement and speed are not synonymous) is to establish a different relationship with the time of the experience where the path emerges through walking, where the experience, especially that of an encounter, is more important than the travel destination2."
The air was full of anticipation aims to explore the concepts of mobility that cross through our lives and weave new codes of sociability and existence, using the temporal, performative, relational and ephemeral  characteristics of contemporary artistic practice. The exhibition intends to shape the concept of the space of the experience as expression of a complexity characterized both by the dissolution of artistic limits and by the environment in which these works of art take part, and thus establish a fruitful relationship and intersection for diverse contemporary discourses. By designing the exhibition space equally as a sociability workshop, The air was full of anticipation takes into account the policies of welcoming, and the maintenance of the place where the behaviors inhabiting it are made visible. These artistic practices and professions emphasize production and a type of performativity and everyday life, as well as knowledge (know-hows) and experimental, alternative methods."
Veronica Valentini

1- Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, “Art + Mobility", InterArtive #55
2- Hugues Bazin, "Tiers espaces : Les espaces du commun en contre-espaces", publication électronique, recherche-action.fr, 2012.


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