Performanace Digital Wheelbarrow Print
Part of the Grame’s days

As part of the Journées du Grame, La BF15 is pleased to present a performance by Félix Lachaize (born in 1987, lives in Lyon) which follows his residence and his exhibition in Taipei.

"The project is to take to Taipei an old wooden wheelbarrow that I transform and equip with various instruments: digital recording, information (GPS, word processing) and tools (vice, hammer, etc). I walk in the city with a wheelbarrow and I capture found objects. While rolling, tools extract the most interesting parts, highlight them, etc. And I put them back a bit further on. Thanks to the recording tools I create digital documents that account for objects, actions, scenery… Finally I print and store all these gigabytes with information about my journey, my feelings.
Back in France, for a One's night invitation at La BF15, I work like a 3D printer using the documents made by the wheelbarrow to restore volumes and journeys made in Taipei."
Félix Lachaize

in partnership with the Digital Art Center Taipei, the GRAME and the ENSBA Lyon

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