reading with Julien Creuzet, Pablo Réol and Lauren Tortil

In a reading of three voices, Lena Araguas (born in 1989, lives in Paris) enters the space of the exhibition Abans que els gestos esdevinguin paraules by Mireia c. Saladrigues to present its first edition.

"When she turns 10, after an argument, a very young girl ends her relationship with her father, who soon will be separated from her mother. 

A recluse living between Cape Wrath and Finistère.
A man of the open sea, and the shores, of marginal places.
 Yet she receives from him, at least once a month, salted food, navigation books, press clippings and, buried at the bottom of the parcel, a letter full of wind, boats and advice, written in a tight handwriting strangely leaning to the left.

News from the father, news of the west.

The girl keeps it all but stubbornly sticks to her guns. She will never reply.

Later, the young woman, become a student, assembles this epistolary heritage. She refines it with beacons, currents, marks of the sea and attachment. And she distributes this material memory in the flow of a beautiful modest book. A publication that she typographically addresses, in sensitivity and modesty, to the open community of readers. Including a recluse somewhere between Cape Wrath and Finistère."
Thierry Chancogne

this edition received the Multiple­x 2013 prize awarded by ENSBA Lyon

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