launch of Razzle-Dazzle / Blue Line (Immixton Books ed.), Jean-Baptiste Sauvage
performance by Philippe Moutte, Cyclo Sport - la maquette échelle 1

Both Razzle Dazzle and Blue Line, simultaneously developed by Jean-Baptiste Sauvage (born in 1977, lives in Marseille), include a set of works with various formats (photographic series, video installation, in situ works). Both borrow their names from a marking system originally designed to meet functional aims – military technologies for one, motor racing circuit marking for the other – from which each artist draws the principle of a production of new aesthetic, pictorial and graphic forms. As an integral part of the approach taken in these two series, the work of collecting illustrations by Jean-Baptiste Sauvage extends this formal research by suggesting a reflection on the historical and political dimension of the produced forms.

Configured by the sequentiality of the book, archival footage and images produced for the completion of the works articulate in a visual trial that gives some thoughts about the conditions of production of the aesthetic experience through the deployment of what could be called forms of speed. Continuing a collaboration with the graphic designer Regular (Jean-Marie Courant) initiated in a previous book (On Forme, 2009), Razzle Dazzle/Blue Line includes a previously unpublished interview with the art critic and historian Paul Ardenne.

On this occasion, Jean-Baptiste Sauvage has invited Philippe Moutte to perform Cyclo Sport – la maquette échelle 1, during which a motorcycle goes from being a model to a sculpture that “the apprentice mechanic” can then ride and run.

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