At La BF15, Jennifer Douzenel (born in 1984, lives in Paris) presents a new set of videos (some of them previously unreleased) seizing insignificant events which then become, within the frame of the image, grounds for contemplation.

Moving through the sites where these phenomena occur, the artist seeks in her work a kind of empathy with the world that she reactivates when the viewer encounters the events. Jennifer Douzenel's vedute find their dimension in the intimacy of the painting device.

"I see my videos as paintings within the continuity of the pictorial tradition and where temporality behaves like an element of form. I record moments of the reality reduced to the frame of a single fixed shot. The fixed image already contains almost everything. The time of these shots, in a loop, allows the viewer to leave the action to go towards what surrounds it, to approach the meaning of the composition or wander towards awakening. I am a “miracle hunter”. I track transitory moments of grace where reality is transfigured. Being silent, my videos call for the contemplation of the unnecessary. They are almost nothing, a moment of attention, waiting for life that aspires to unravel the complexity of the world."
Jennifer Douzenel

Entitled Les journées lentes, this exhibition thus refers to the temporality of the work of Jennifer Douzenel, who forces us to stay in the image and within the course of events in order to detect the event. 

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