encounter with editorial team and Louidgi Beltrame,
projection of
Brasilia / Chandigar

“Go where there is friction, ambiguities, gaps. Liberate, beyond the cynicism and nihilism of this era that
has wanted us sad, powers to act.”

It is with this energy that, since 2005, De(s)generations editorial board questions the modernised, at the intersections of politics, poetics and aesthetics.

On the occasion of the release of the seventeenth issue of Ville recto, the editorial team of De(s)générations has been invited by La BF15 to present their editorial project, in particular the common thread of the last two editions,
which both dealt with urban issues.

Following the previous project entitled Rejets urbains, the authors and the artists, brought together by Jean-Baptiste Sauvage (editor-in-chief of this issue), extended their musing on this paradoxical movement of the world, where the gaps widen and where new ideas of community arise.

In response to the publication of an interview with Louidgi Beltrame (born in 1971, lives in Paris), and with a screening of his film Brasilia/Chandigarh, La BF15 and De(s)générations invite the artist to return to places of paradox, on these sites where he explores the residues of modern projections. From a documentary, formal and narrative material, his films develop the archaeology of a “future perfect”, and a system of analogies between the languages of architecture and film.

In what he describes as “fantastic realism” these elements are being built into the physical and mental landscapes of a ramble: spatiotemporal gaps opened by an idle world but of a “still operative potentiality”.

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