& offers to bring together two artists, the Canadian Iain Baxter& (born in 1936, lives in Windsor, Ontario) and the Frenchman Paul Raguenes (born in 1964, lives in Lyon), through an exhibition which, as its name implies, collects, adds, coordinates work done in collaboration or not, in extension, in response, in echo.

Those two-handed or four-handed works, in situ, in residence or from a distance, question our way of living in, treating and thinking landscape, environment and art.

Both artists fit language as a privileged mode of expression into their practice in order to reach forms of sensory
experiments which go beyond the the mere visual relationship to things.

“By adding the ampersand to his name, Iain Baxter& bears witness to his questioning of the artist’s role and that of a non-authoritarian art, where collaboration with the viewer and horizontality prevail. He considers an artist as a producer of sensory information, responsible for collecting, organising, interpreting and diffusing it.”
VOX Journal, Center for the contemporary image, Montreal, 2005

Paul Raguenes maintains a relationship between the monochromatic sculptural object and its environment, as a mirror of the space where the sculptural subject becomes space itself.

In partnership with the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris

lien :

Paul Raguenes (www.paulraguenes.com)

Iain Baxter (archives.library.yorku.ca/iain_baxterand_raisonne/about)