A New Space, A New Address

The opening exhibition was intended to map the elsewhere of new artistic territories, rather than celebrate a location. Each work of this collective exhibition refers us both to a movement and a figure of infinity. Laurent Poyol’s nomadic gallery travels like a parcel through the post: the interior sides of the parcel are the exhibition walls. Ambroise Tièche’s weathervanes disclose, without beginning or end, their double-sided texts. Valéry Grancher has filmed a permanent sunset as it is traced by an airplane flying towards the west. Driessens and Verstappen open up an infinite three-dimensional world, both magical and colorful, through the movement of the computer mouse.

in coproduction with Le Sous-Sol, Paris.

lien :

Valéry Grancher (www.valerygrancher.vg)

Driessens & Verstappen (www.xs4all.nl/~notnot)