Contemporary artistic creation is made visible during such important events as the Lyon Biennale and the exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Rectangle.
At the same time, numerous artists wish to engage in new areas of artistic activity, developing aesthetic and social concerns that redefine both the place of art in society and its relation with the public.

Since 1996, la BF15 represents a place, a site, and a context for both work and experimentation open to artists at the forefront of contemporary practice.
Committed in its role of promoting new artistic forms and practices through transdisciplinary events and participatory scenarios, la BF15 presents a polymorphic art in the heart of the city where the areas of economics, the media, and the spectacle are confronted in the urban realm.
La BF15 is engaged in encouraging public awareness of the artistic events of our time as they are symbolized in the relation of the work of art to the world around it and in particular the city.

Located in the Place des Terreaux, la BF15 has become an indispensable complement to the various contemporary art institutions in Lyon. It participates in the creation of a network of promotional spaces in our city that enables a large diversity of works to be presented to the public.
Its presence in the important cultural events of Lyon such as the Fête des lumières, the Biennale of Contemporary Art, and the festival Musiques en scène testifies to its active role in the artistic production of our region.