In resonance with the 2011 Lyon Biennale

The Swiss artist Eric Hattan (born in 1955, lives in Basel and Paris) cultivates a certain insight by disturbing the order of things. Whether urban space or an arts centre, every situation is an opportunity for a transfer, a shift of gaze and a disruption of the given meaning. He seized on the invitation from La BF15 as a new opportunity to "give meaning to change".

La BF15 becomes the centre of investigation of the artist in residence for a few days. Everything that composes La BF15 becomes the material of his intervention. He moves the elements which occupy the "backstage" (first floor, entryway, storage rooms) - which are usually hidden from the visitors but constitute the daily activity and memory of the place - to intuitively redistribute them in the "public" exhibition space. The smallest sample is integrated in a composition that the visitor is invited to cross through, like the vestiges that an archaeologist would reveal to us, with only videos for working notes.

While playing with the reversibility of the place and the porosity between life and art, the exhibition testifies to the art experiment as a simple act of presence. Born from a gesture of appropriation of that which exists, it translates in its author, at the same time as it does for its audience, a feeling of awakening and attention to the world.

in resonance with the 2011 Lyon biennale


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