In resonance with the 2011 Lyon Biennale

Following a residency at La BF15 in the summer of 2011, Clémence Torres (born in 1986, lives in Paris and Hong Kong) fills the gallery with various installations, following her reflections on space and the relationships between personal and collective experience.

On one hand, her exhibition is developed around the perception of the place, its apprehension and the mechanisms and measuring tools to seize it (distances, scales, proportions). On the other hand, she questions the relationships between individuals, the balance of power, connection and interaction between each.

Clémence Torres displays her work across multiple devices: architectural constructions (made ​​of mirrors, glass walls, metal tables and handrails) that seek to escape the limitations imposed by the architecture of the place, and to offer other perspectives, other points of view.

The artist presents also a new piece, Communes mesures. On a display case several meters long, running through the first two exhibition rooms, are arranged tubes of various materials (clay, plaster, wood, glass, wax, steel). The length of each refers to the “relational” distance (intimate, personal, social and public) that the anthropologist Edward T. Hall theorized about within the concept of proxemics.

To this is added an edition of 100 copies that visitors are invited to leaf through during the visit. Sujet(s) proposes and mechanically analyses the strategies of approach and communication between each.

in partnership with the Denjean locksmith shop and ENSBA Lyon

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