guest curator: Marie de Brugerolle

Jessica Warboys (born in 1977, lives in London and Paris) presents a series of recent pieces, including a creation for La BF15. From a recurrent image that marked her memory, Jessica Warboys brings together works that become the clues of a story or legend, but that offer new aesthetic investigations.

The Sea Paintings, such as the big piece covering the main wall of the gallery, result from a long process that combines walking, a particular relationship to the landscape and a method of painting that could be considered poetic performance. The practice of film has been part of the work of Jessica Warboys for several years. One could watch her films at the South London Gallery or during the 2010 Ricard Prize. Here will be screened for the first time in an exhibition The Forest of Fontainebleau, a new silent short film, shot in colour Super 16mm. The sound piece Inner Pocket Suit Jacket (in collaboration with Richard Foreman and Morten N. Halvorsen), allows us to hear the voice of Richard Foreman reading a poem by Jessica Warboys.

The works presented echo the text, as if the blue ink of an imaginary pen had fallen into the sea to stain the water. All the senses are called upon and each piece becomes a potential actor for a stage on which we walk. “The world in a nutshell” as the saying goes, but here a small world comes from the depths of a pocket.